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About GrEv KaFi

Grev Kafi

Художник-символист ГрЕв КаФи

Grev Kafi is the pseudonym of two symbolist painters, Evdokia Fidelskaya and Grigoriy Kabachnyi, a married couple, that works in co-authorship. After the graduation from Kharkov State University of Fine Arts, they lived 15 years in Tian Shan mountains, where they have studied the main philosophical schools.

Painters’ creativity began to address new subjects with philosophical underlying ideas. They were not understood nor accepted, but they worked hardly, lived very modestly and all the earned money was spent on canvas, paint, books and travel. But the time has passed and many things have changed. In the late eighties painters’ art have undergone rising success, and they began to participate in Republican (Moldova) and all-Union exhibitions, to organize series of personal exhibitions in Chisinau, Moscow and other cities. Today the paintings of Grev Kafi are known around the world, but the real recognition came in the last ten years, after they have created series of paintings with philosophical meanings like The World is full of Mysteries, The Teachers of Mankind, The Symbolism of Religions. In these works Grev kafi has expressed, via symbols, life in all its manifestations. Nowadays the artists are winners of International Festivals of Arts. Their personal exhibitions were held in many cities of the world with great success to the audience. People from around the world are coming to see the original paintings.

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